Travel Tips Save to Bali, Without Travel Agents

Bali is Indonesia's most popular tourist destination. Being everyone's dream to visit enjoy its beauty. The article "Travel Tips Save to Bali, Without Travel Agent" is deliberately written to give you an idea that: to Bali can be very efficient if we know "tips and tricks" it. With ease, you can plan your own travel agenda, do not even need to use the services of travel agents.
Bali Tourism Atmosphere

The tourist atmosphere in Bali feels very strong gripping anyone who visit there, addictive. Want to come and come again next time.

The centers of tourist destinations in Bali also never know the word lonely by the visits of tourists, both domestic and foreign countries. Bali is only quiet when celebrating Nyepi Day in Saka New Year.

If you have never been to Bali, the easiest way to visit there is of course to use the services of travel agents (travel agents). Everything will be taken care of by them. From travel tickets to Bali, hotels to stay, transportation while in Bali, and visit the desired tourist objects.

But actually without a travel agent-no problem. Not difficult to plan your own trip to Bali. The agenda over there is very flexible, tailored to their specific interests. The cost is also relatively more efficient.

Tips for Compiling Itinerary to Bali
Bali can be said: it has a truly mature and reliable tourist services infrastructure. This will make it easy for anyone, including you, to arrange your own itinerary there.

We recommend that you do travel planning and reservation all the needs there long before the departure. The most effective trip to Bali is using airplane transportation. You can start from a flight ticket reservation to Bali. At certain moments, airlines often give discount flights. Usually done at off-season tourist visits.

Currently purchasing flight tickets online is very easy. We have many airline options that we will use. One of the options considerations is price, and service.

Below is a flight ticket search widget that you can try using:

The next step is to find a hotel, rent a car, plan itinerary of daily excursions and other necessities while in Bali. Do it all online, by phone, BBM, Whatsap, and email. Not hard to do.

More details, here are tips on arranging travel itinerary to Bali:

1. When Should I Visit Bali?

In Bali, we know: the high season of the visit (high season) and the season is not
dense visit (low season). Consider carefully, want to visit during high season or
low season. Despite the fact that everyday situations in Bali will never be deserted
from the visits of domestic and foreign tourists, even in low season. But in high
season, Bali will be really crowded.

“I am prefer to visit there in the season is not dense visit. The atmosphere is
relatively more comfortable. Relatively easier to find a good hotel and cheap,
traffic on the streets are not jammed, and more efficient.”

Also try to visit during the dry season, so that the agenda during there is not
disturbed by the rain. Because indeed most tourist destinations in Bali is in the
open. When it rains, it will be troublesome.

Visiting at low season is also very advantageous, because there are often promos,
both for plane tickets and hotels. For example at the end of October 2015 then I get
a package of air ticket promo bundled with the hotel. Solo-Denpasar flight ticket
pp + stay 4 nights in 3 star hotel in Kuta only 800 thousand rupiah per person.
Third with wife and children only pay 2.4 million rupiah.
The situation will be inversely proportional to the busy season of the visit. The
price of airfare, hotels and rental cars will jump dramatically. The increase is
between 25% and 50%. The streets of Bali are also almost certain to be stuck. So
much of our time is wasted on the streets.
The travel time in Bali usually takes place during the school holidays (around
June-July), the long holiday of Iedul Fitri, the August (foreign holiday season), and
December to early January at the turn of the new year.

2. Where to Stay During Bali?

Lots of hotel options to stay in Bali. Depending on taste, purpose, and thickness of
each pocket. The location of the hotel for the most popular tourist is Kuta,
Seminyak, Sanur, and Ubud.

3. Transportation from Airport to Hotel in Bali

The easiest transportation from the airport to the hotels in Bali is to use the airport
taxi. The fee will be calculated by destination, not by meter taxi. The second
alternative is a pick up facility from the hotel.
If the destination hotel is located not far from Ngurah Rai Airport for example in
Kuta and surrounding areas, then using the airport taxi is the ideal choice. The rate
is relatively cheaper than if picked up from the hotel. However, if the location of
the hotel is located quite far from the airport such as in the area of ​​Ubud or Sanur,
pick up by the hotel will be more practical. It will cost less.
If time arrives at Ngurah Rai Airport Bali is still too early (not possible to check in
at the hotel), use the third alternative with rental car rental along with driver + fuel.
No need to check in to the hotel first, but just go on tour in Bali. Ask to be picked
up directly at the airport. This is a practical and cost-effective alternative to the

4. Rent a Car or Motorcycle in Bali

To enjoy the atmosphere of Bali that is located not far from where to stay, most
comfortable, cheap, practical and fun on foot. Every corner of Bali can be enjoyed
in detail on foot.
If you want to reach a wider area, can rent a motorcycle. Rates per day about 70
thousand rupiah. Lots of motor rental in Bali, they are hawking his services in
tourist centers like in Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud.
But if you want to explore Bali further, to visit various popular tourist destinations
of course the most ideal is to rent a car. Car rental service along with driver plus
fuel is relatively cheap in Bali. Many choices of types of cars used. For example
you come a family no more than 7 people, then rent a car like MPV like Xenia or
Avanza with tariff of about 400 - 500 thousand per 10 hours. If you are observant,
there is also a fix price of 400 thousand rupiah (including driver and fuel) for the
lease period of 12 hours. So the time is more freely.

“The average driver in Bali is very good at serving tourists. They can be a guide
as well during the trip, because generally very controlled the ins and outs of tourist
attractions in Bali. Discuss with them the most effective path so that not much time
is wasted on the road.”

5. Prepare the Tour Itinerary of Bali Tourism

Assuming you will be exploring the favorite tourist spots in Bali, there is no
specific need to go to the special temple, the general guidelines of the following
pathways can be used as a reference. With an estimated time it takes about 10-12
hours by car rental. Here's an example of a daily itenerary:
Kintamani Line
 It starts from the hotel pickup at 08:30.
 See the Barong Dance show in Batubulan. Barong Dance will start at 10:00
 Go to Kintamani, and have lunch there. Kintamani is located on the edge of
Mount Batur, a beautiful place with views of Mount Batur and the lake in
the middle. It is approximately 2 hours drive from Kuta / Denpasar
 Pura Tirta Empul and Tampaksiring. These 2 destinations are in one place.
Pura Tirta Empul is one of the most exotic places in Bali that must be
 Sukawati Art Market, very famous as Bali souvenir market. Towards this
market location should be considered the usual bottleneck. Instead can be
considered into the market by Krisna souvenir relatively more comfortable
 Back to the hotel.
Bedugul Line
 It starts from the hotel pickup at 08:30.
 Taman Ayun Temple, at Mengwi
 See the terraces in Jatiluwih
 Ulun Danu Temple on the edge of Lake Baratan Bedugul, lunch can be done
 Eka Karya Bedugul Botanical Gardens

 Pura Alas Kedaton, a sacred place that is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.
 Pura Tanah Lot. This location is the most fun enjoyed in the afternoon.
Towards the sunset (sunset). After that there will usually be a kecak dance
 Back to the hotel

The Ubud Path
 Pick up at the hotel at 08:30.
 Barong Dance Show and Kris.
 Visit the silver and gold silver center village in Celuk.
 Batuan Village, the center of painting crafts. But if you are not a fan of
painting, this destination can be skipped.
 Rice terraces in Tegallalang (terraced rice fields)
 Visit Agro Tourism Kopi Luwak Bali.
 Monkey Forest, a forest with hundreds of long-tailed tame monkeys.
 Puri Saren Palace, this beautiful Balinese ornament house is the residence of
Raja Ubud
 Ubud Village Art Market. If you do not have time to Pasar Seni Sukawati,
Ubud Village Art Market is quite representative. The situation is not much
different. Located just opposite the Castle Puri Saren.
 Back to the hotel
Uluwatu Tour
 Pick up at the hotel at 08:30.
 Visit Tanjung Benoa beach. This is the ideal place for water sports activities.
You can enjoy water tours such as parasailing, banana boat, flying fish, jet
ski and others.
 Visiting Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). At the same time enjoy lunch.
 Visiting Pura Uluwatu. Here usually also held kecak dance after sunset.
 Enjoy sunset and sea food at Jimbaran beach.
 Back to the hotel.

The 4 daily tourist agenda above is just an example. There are many other
alternatives that can be arranged. You can use the itinerary that many travel agents
offer as a guide to organize your own travel agenda. Please search in search engine
by using keyword: bali tour packages. You will find many examples of agenda.
The paths above are not rigid. Make it flexible based on your interests, time and
situation. This is fun to arrange your own agenda of tourism to Bali.

6. Water Sport in Bali
Water sports is an activity agenda in Bali that is no less fun to do. The most
popular sea-based water sport activity is at Tanjung Benoa. The choice of activity
types are: banana boat, seawalker, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jetski,
flying fish, and visiting turtle island with glassbottom boat.
In addition there is also a water sport that is not done in the sea, but in freshwater
waters, namely rafting. The most popular places are the Ayung River and Telaga
Make a prior reservation from home, because you will get a fairly large discount,
reaching about 50%. Water sports operators usually also provide free shuttle hotel
located in the area: Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua Legian, Seminyak and
Kerobokan. If you come directly (go show) to it, do not expect to get a discount

7. Culinary Tour in Bali
Bali is also rich in culinary treasures. Do not forget to enter the culinary tour into a
mandatory agenda during a visit in Bali. Lots of foods and beverages are worth
trying. But to note: not all halal food. Tell the driver who takes you if you want
halal food. Gladly the driver will take you to halal eateries.
Resto-restaurant in Bali is also very understand how to serve tourists, who
generally come escorted by a rental driver. They will entertain a free meal for the
driver in a special place. So that tourists do not have to bother thinking about
eating for the driver who drove.

Some kosher culinary tours worth trying in Bali for example:
 Enjoy the sunset while eating sea food at Jimbaran beach.
 Warung Made (Made's Warung) in Kuta, Seminyak and Benoa.
 Ayam Betutu Bali.
 Resto Bebek Bengil
 Resto Mentari in Bedugul, the legendary restaurant in front of Baratan lake.
 Lawar Bali. Ask for a plain lawar if you want a lawful lawar version.
 Pecel bu Tinuk Denpasar.
 Chicken rice Kadewatan bu Mangku
 Etc.
Ok friends, hopefully "Travel tips sparingly to Bali, Without Travel Agent" This
can be a useful reference for you as a family. Have a good vacation!

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